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Our Story

Starting out in 1985, where we bought our first beehive in Timaru, we slowly grew into what we are today with over 2000 hives. Brothers Steve and Shane are the Beekeepers. We are is a small family run business with over 36 years’ experience in Beekeeping.

We love what we do because our honey is Organic and sold to you direct from your local Beekeeper. We love bees and use Organic methods to bring our honey to you.

Save the Bees, Save the World!! 🐝

We love that at the market we are able to interact directly with our customers and gain their feedback and validate the amazing benefits that our Organic Honey represents for our consumers. Plus we love the great vibe and interaction between all the stallholders.

We want to thank all our wonderful customers. And to all of you who haven’t tried our honey, come and buy some, you won’t be disappointed.🍯😉

This was taken 10 years ago!! Time for an upgrade we think! 😅

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